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Founded by Humayun Qureshi and Kwame Dublin in 2019 the Digital Bucket Company is a data-centric consultancy. We believe by harnessing data and technology we can deliver impactful results to make a more sustainable world.

With an agile operating model and access to the best problem-solving minds, we deliver innovative commercial and sustainability solutions to large or small-scale projects around the world.

We work with all types of businesses, corporations and governments as our clients, to support them with their digital transformation projects or provide them with a solution. Using our outside-in process we deliver customized data and IoT solutions. Our data approach allows for projects to be delivered within key KPIs and for clients to become agile in their operations.

Let’s solve Problems

We provide solutions and support end-to-end to a full spectrum of services in DevOps, data, and A.I.


At Digital Bucket Company we pride ourselves in taking a ethics first approach to our work. All our work and team members follow a rigid ethical framework, in addition to making sure we advocate for better ethics in the tech landscape.

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