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The Digital Bucket vision is to make the world sustainable and to leave a legacy in the solution it provides. It has been recognised as being the most innovative in the UK.

  • We Believe In Diversity
    The company has a team made up of women from diverse backgrounds. Bringing together the brightest minds from around the world. 

  •  We Believe In Fair Equity 
    We don't own any solutions that we build for our clients. Meaning the client keeps their data and solution permanently. 


  • We Believe In Governance
    Our Global Summit is advocating for better rules in Data legislation and ethical practices in the implementation of future technologies. 


Our Values

All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Digital Bucket Company is a data engineering consultancy that believes in innovation. Our specialism is being able to extract large data sets from systems, people, or locations to then integrate into a silo-free environment in a structured, cleaned and safe solution.


We provide large and small clients with expert consultants to deliver end-to-end data solutions to the simplest and most complex problems, capable to deliver transformational expertise to any business or industry. Unlike conventional solutions whereby businesses need to adapt their business to the solution, we develop solutions that integrate with the client's business causing minimal disruption to operations or transformation. 

We also believe any solution we develop is owned by our clients. This is why we do not place any licensing agreements. What this means, our clients can have full ownership of the solution and everything in it.   

We are a leading Big Data Consultancy with offices in Southampton, London and international partners in Europe and North America. Working with small and big businesses, we recognise the importance of having the right expertise when dealing with big data and digital transformation.

We provide multi-functional team(s) of consultants that integrate as an extension of our client's business. So we are able to provide end-to-end support on a single retainer. No matter the complexity or size, all the expertise, resources, and execution to support or build our client's Big Data capabilities.


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