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Many large tech summits tend to exclude all but the biggest corporations. Our event was aimed at all businesses and civic institutions. The aim was to educate about both the possibilities and current challenges in AI, with the aim to build a discussion around solutions for a brighter, fairer future where big data and AI can do good.

The event was held online, and be broken down into a series of panel discussions. It was interactive and fun for the audience with plenty of opportunities for participation. Panelists came from diverse backgrounds to provide a rich and fascinating discussion of the biggest challenges that AI faces today and in the future.

About the AI Summit

Bias, Inequality & Discrimination

Privacy, Regulation & Surveillance Capitalism

Ethical Data Practices

Women in AI

New Technologies and the Future of AI

Digital Bucket  AI Summit 2021

Making A.I accessible for a better future

Responsible AI

Digital Bucket Company have a process where we ensure our clients understand how they can align their business/organisation so as to reap the rewards of AI. The power of AI can lead to automation, streamlining, and accelerating business processes and provide early detection systems. This requires careful ethical considerations, and we also bring an ethical framework that our clients can use to ensure the bias elements are accurately challenged.

A.I success depends on Data Quality

Making AI work 

As our business revolves around Big Data we are acutely aware of the challenges facing organisations who want to migrate to an A.I business model. The A.I is only as good as the data is received. 


We have the expertise in delivering solutions to Data Biases, Data Quality, and noise issues such as missing values, outliers, lack of balance in distribution, and redundancy. We follow a basic process that systematically tackles any data issues. 


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