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BP: An Alternative Data Integration Solution

"Operations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa, we deliver energy solutions across the world." 

BP is one of the biggest energy companies in the world with operations around the world. The company has vast amounts of data and a sophisticated infrastructure that BP relies on to provide energy solutions across the world. 


•BP was using a data lake system with over 7000 people using it.

•The system had to handle large amounts of data by various users across multiple departments.

•The current data architecture meant the system was running very slowly and kept crashing.

•BP have been trying to fix the problem for four years, using various internal and external data specialists.

•The existing system was using a Microsoft system, that prevented migrating data to a different system.

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Better Solutions For Data Challenges

•We took an outside-in approach to the problem. This meant we took the time to understand the key challenges faced by the users, and what the team actually wanted from the system.

•Our team then utilised our ‘elasticated’ approach, drawing the expertise from our senior consultants to the various options to the problem.

•Through a process of consultation we put together a roadmap that involved all the key stakeholders from BP. Ensuring the deliverables were to the high standards of the users.

Our Agile Approach


Data Architecture


•We provided various options for BP, 

•We demonstrated and tested the best workable solution for BP.

•The system met strict compliance and security governance issues that BP had to comply with as a key major infrastructure company.

Data Storage


•Data was stored on client architecture. Ensuring the clients data remains on their system.

•We designed the cloud storage of data to ensure the data was incrementally updated to close to real time.

•We structured the data to allow for queries to be made quickly and is adoptable to the various business needs.




•In the past data was the proprietary to third party. We developed a solution that allowed BP to gain full control of all data.

•This allowed BP to manipulate the data for the various operational needs.




We delivered custom visualization for each department.

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