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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools are now essential to bring competitive advantage to organisations that operate in a digitally transforming world. 

We focus on designing and developing AI tools that bring value to businesses in the form of better decision-making, cost reductions in operations, and accelerated production in manufacturing are only some of the fruits to bear. 

Our design thinking approach allows us to build AI and ML tools that provide a solution to a problem. 

Do the things no one can imagine.

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Designing & Building AI Tools

Data cleaning

We advocate and follow the principle, that data is king when developing Machine learning tools. The quality of the data determines the overall accuracy of the machine learning model. 

Our clients are provided with their own team that is made up of data specialists. This allows our clients to first, transform the data available. Cleaning the data thoroughly making sure the data is correctly labelled, structured and tabled correctly in a cloud or larger storage such as a data warehouse or data lake.


to testing the quality of the data is by creating multiple pools of data. We then use multiple sets of data to audit the output of the model. 

Data Pipeline

Our team of consultants can provide the expertise in developing a consistent data pipeline.  

The team we provide all clients have dedicated data scientists and data engineers that work with clients to design the best data architecture for the most accurate AI or ML model. 

AI & Data Governance

Data governance is an essential requirement for a large corporation or a small startup. The UK has strict data. protection rules and regulatory frameworks. 

Our teams are trained to build tools that are built with the highest standards of governance.  This includes necessary security to counter cyber attacks and a mechanism that ensures data is stored and processed in a secure environment. 

Value proposition

The ability to understand the user needs includes the tool they need to do their job better. Using a holistic approach we identify business processes, competitor analysis and align the AI design with the long term vision of the business.

Optimising performance with AI

Discover how we helped our client to optimise their performance with hashtags and AI.

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