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BP is a global energy company operating in every continent of the world that employs over 7000 people. The company has ongoing digital transformation projects happening simultaneously varying in size and scale. 

The energy corporate is developing better metric systems to optimize their global project management transforming the process into a lean process. The digital transformation will allow the energy company to improve its project delivery and significantly accelerate global operations. It has already adopted an agile environment for its digital operations. This is supported by multiple big data infrastructure that consists of cloud operating systems, data warehouse, and data lakes.


Slow Data 

The existing architecture was feeding data directly from a devOps system to Microsoft Power BI system. This resulted in the system operating very slowly.


Data Extraction

The Azure DevOps system made it difficult to extract the data needed and could not be connected with the cloud infrastructure to then be processed.


Stakeholder Buy in

There needed to be buy-in by the various business divisions for the digital adoption of any solution. This was proving difficult as many teams had varying degree of data literacy.

BP Data Issues

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At this stage, we identified 3 key pieces of information.

1. key stakeholders 

Our team mapped out who was key to this project and how they related to the problem. Understanding their needs and forming working relationships with the internal technical team, management, and other third-party partners. They were added to our update tool that kept them informed of the project development and could input their thoughts at any stage. This also allowed us to collaborate with the various business functions at BP. This resulted in decision-making about the project and digital adoption quicker.

2. Identifying and scoping the data problem

The team looks at a problem holistically, the process, technology, and business impact. Our team identified the first problem was extracting the data from the DevOp system as being a key factor. Second, the current process missed data storage and the structuring of the data, a key component in the big data architecture. This caused the system to operate slowly and limited the value the data could deliver to business operations. Finally, the senior management and end users had different specifications for the tool, with many requiring specialist visualization tools that could forecast performance and issues in advance. 

3. Risk Assessment

The team assesses the risks attached to all projects to ensure these are recognized early and form part of any strategy toward a long-term solution.

The risk assessment focuses on governance and security issues surrounding the project. We develop appropriate frameworks so that risks are reported to the right people and work collaborratively to find a solution. At BP the data was critical to the overall operation of the business.  To mitigate the risk of data loss when extracting the data, we created an augmented space where the data was first incrementally extracted and our solution was tested. This allowed our consultants to check the velocity of the data that was correct and the data lake was structuring the data in the correct format. 

Our approach: quick delivery, risk-free, and future-proof solution.

Our Approach

We have developed a five-step approach that combines design thinking and agile sprint delivery to execute a solution from inception to implementation. The lifecycle of the approach is based on a rigorous continuous improvement process where risks are eliminated, innovation is captured and value driven through a multi-step process. The hybrid approach developed by Digital Bucket Company has proven to identify risks and problems quickly, to then deliver a solution that aligns with our client's digital transformation strategy. The unique approach has been designed to reach a solution that is scalable, adoptable and can be delivered delivered to bring value from a modern data infrastructure whilst at the same time, maintaining any regulatory or compliance requirements. 

Identify | Isolate | Ideate | Develop| Test | Execute

The team that makes the dream.


Discover more about our consultant and why we are part of your dream team.

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Our Consultants

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Digital Bucket Hub 

The Digital Bucket Hub is a central part of our client offering. The hub is an internal team of senior experts from various industries, data, and digital technology consultants. Who provides our consultants with the latest technology, data architecture, and potential solutions.


Our hub works in the background supporting our consultants simultaneously. This allows us to accelerate our solution delivery and make sure it is future-proof as much as being innovative.

STEP 5: Test/Implement


STEP 4: Develop

Our approach: quick delivery, risk-free, and future-proof solution.



Once the problems have been identified and the key stakeholders mapped out. Our team focus on developing a strategy to find a workable solution. A key resource our team has is our hub which has direct access to senior industry specialists. The hub focus on researching potential technology that can be used for the solution. The team working with the client activate our update system and begin populating the project plan. This provides details on the current action being taken and outlines the strategy.


At this stage, multiple ideas as potential solutions were explored with the key stakeholders at BP. Working with the client stakeholders and our internal hub all ideas are cost and risk assessed. 


This allowed for any potential solution to be discussed with senior management and the end users, with feedback being shared across all stakeholders. This unique stage of development consolidates thoughts and any potential issues to be discussed and worked around.


It ensures the solution developed is outcome-focused, with a higher degree of digital adoption. Our hub explores the best use case for technology, while our team then creates initial MVP-type prototype solutions. These prototypes are then stress tested to demonstrate the capabilities of each solution. 

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