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Part 1: Asian and black tech entrepreneur who setup a Big Data company to change the world

The Vision

My name is Humayun this is my story, of how me and my friend, Kwame, setup a Big Data company with no investment or background in tech. Two and half years after launching the Digital Bucket Company, I felt it was time to sit down and write something about the journey. What initially started as an idea, quickly developed into one of the most ambitious business that me and my business partner had ever embarked on.

We were both aware of the rapid development in technology. Giants like Google and Amazon were taking centre stage for most things . It seemed anything we touched, searched or bought they were either directly involved or had something to do with it. They boasted to everyone technology will improve lives and allow people to prosper. Yet we were unconvinced, in fact we were more concerned with their huge profits and the amount of influence they had over everyone, such as consumer buying, the amount of leverage they had over small businesses successes, the influence they over politicians and the social and environmental impact they had on us every day.

Then it happened, one day Kwame calls me at some random time and says we need to do a data business. At the time I was confused what he was talking about? Data? What on earth is he talking about? Was it mobile phone data or something similar? And like my usual self I began quizzing him about "data"...actually i quizzed him about it for 3 weeks. What materialised from it though was perhaps the biggest lightbulb moment. We discovered the secret sauce to these huge tech companies, it was data that made them kryptonite.

What we also discovered was the inequality in the data industry and how it was male dominated and controlled by very few people. The data industry was duped by discrimination and it made us very uncomfortable. Kwame didn't want his kids to experience the inequalities he had experienced whilst growing up, and I was empathetic to his opinion that something needed to be done.

We both agreed data can change the world for the better but things needed to be done differently. This inspired us to also rethink the way people worked and break away from the current model of working from an office (before any lock down). A tech company should be demonstrating the best ways tech can be used to improve work and life balance, with a culture that embraced diversity and innovation. Our ambition changed from just a startup to a vision of building a legacy in the way business is done and the way people worked. We wanted to pioneer the way to make the world more sustainable.

Coming soon:

Part 2 will discuss our journey in setting up the Digital Bucket Company.

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