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Discover how we are exploring new ways to use alternative energy sources through IoT technologies. 

The Digital Bucket Company specialises in leveraging data to develop sustainable energy Solutions.  Our four step process allows for a future-proof solution to energy and carbon efficiency.


We have spent many years understanding how data can be leveraged with innovation to make energy work better in properties and rest assured It is not simply a case of installing some solar panels in a building. 


Data enables us to understand buildings' complete energy behavior, so we work with our clients to evaluate the data that is available and whether this is enough to understand the complete energy  ecosystem in their property. If not, we devise a data strategy to understand when and how energy is  being used in a building. This data is then fed through our internal systems to provide a visual map of  the entire energy system. 

By taking a data-centric approach we are then able to develop a novel solution to minimise the amount of energy used and provide the technology to automate a sustainable solution. Our solutions are measurable in the savings both during and after transforming from a high carbon reliant energy source to a green or even in some cases self-sufficient energy infrastructure allowing for costs and time to be measured against the investment made.  

Transforming Energy Needs

4 Steps to sustainable energy 

Step 1 : Understanding the current energy situation 

With data, we can establish the energy behavior, and where and when it’s being used. With this type of information, we are able to work out better energy models that ensure the solution we design provides the most effective energy-saving solution. These sensors will eventually work as the controller for the entire building, automating the energy sources to deliver a green future.

Step 2: Developing the data strategy

This step involves identifying the key data points in the building and our engineer will scan the entire  building identifying the key areas sensors need to be fitted. Once they have identified the key areas  they will then insert sensors that collect data about the energy usage in the building.  

This data is then fed into a central system where we then get our data specialists to begin analysing  to identify pattern of use. Our engineers are qualified energy specialists who understand energy  systems used in buildings. They are best placed to identify and place the necessary sensors in the  building.  

Step 3: The energy transformation plan [EDP] 

The EDP identifies the key areas any solution needs to focus on to achieve the desired outcome. This can range from lighting, heating, or even switches, once we establish the cause of high energy consumption, we then formulate an EDP.  

The EDP is a fluid process and doesn’t just rely on one solution, instead it relies on the data to see  which solution is the most effective. The solution can range from, changing to energy efficient bulbs  or it can involve developing the IoT system to recognise when to switch off certain appliances or  electrical features at a given time or it might involve adding renewable energy sources such as solar  or wind. The EDP will dictate which options are the best and provide our clients with the best options.  

Step 4: Implementation of energy reduction plan

The implementation is a phased in process, whereby every phase is tested and implemented according  to the results shown. We initially focus on reducing the larger energy consumption challenges. All  work that is implemented for our clients are planned in advance so any potential disturbance is kept  to a minimum and our real time project monitor will keep you posted how the work is progressing.

Use Case

Read how we transformed a home to be completely self sufficient for energy by integrating data.


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